First-Time Sex

Important Conversations to Have with your Partner Before First-Time Sex

First-time sex can happen without condoms, but it will never be enjoyable without communication. The beauty of sex lies in how interactive you are with your partner while getting closer. Imagine you enter the room, plunge into bed, drag your partner, and get going. No, that’s not going to work if you both want to enjoy it.

First-Time Sex – The Little Secrets

There is nothing to panic if it’s your first-time sex. It’s obvious to have your curiosities. But what is more important is to know those little secrets of success as a beginner. So, if you are a bit shy, or clueless how to go about it, the following facts will keep things smooth:

Partner Communication is the Key to Satisfactory Sex

Just when you are preparing to leave your bed in ruffles, give your thoughts a pause. Call your partner to talk. If you get this call from the other end, respect it, and allow it to give time. Believe it or not, it’s going to be productive. Sex doesn’t always mean orgasms; it has to do a lot with coordination and mindset.

Conversations Before Sex Matter

If it’s the first time, relax and wait with your questions. Don’t just follow what you have seen in films and videos. It’s your first sex that should be more special than anything else. To be specific, your questions here should be like:

“Are you ready to let me touch you?”

“Are you willing to let our intimacy grow with time?”

Well, your partner loves you, there is no doubt about it! But when it comes to physical exchanges, you cannot impose your own expectations. Of course, you can, but let the other one tell you how he/she wants to be touched. You might be wild, but she has some other plans; you might love fingers; he might prefer toys.

Building Trust

Every relationship demands trust. Where there is trust, there is love, and where there is love, there is contentment. Now, where does this trust come from? Again, the answer is communication. The key here is to understand your partner’s comfort level for first-time sex. This is very important because lovemaking and discomfort can never march hand in hand.

Hence, if it is about building trust, you need to reach out to your partner with questions like:

“Are you sure you are comfortable if I touch your privates?”

“You can always start, and I’ll wait till you ask me to reciprocate”

With these questions, things get so easy. Such words highlight nothing but pure respect for your relationship.

Talking About Sex Toys

Certain aspects of sex make it more beautiful. It never stops at a missionary, doggy style, or a 69. Foreplay is the best act that sets up the mood to intensify your passion. During this act, go with the idea of sex toys. Of course, your partner’s consent would be very important.

Remember, sex toys have myths. If your partner hesitates using a toy, say a rabbit vibrator, talk to her, and explain the benefits. Gently try to make her understand how a vibrator can be different and more enjoyable in first-time sex. If it’s him, let him cum through a masturbator.

If he likes playing with the toy, let him play. However, the best use of sex toys comes during foreplay. So, the moment you both feel compatible to take up toys, set up your play date.

Last Thoughts

Keep in mind that you need to know the tricks of becoming intimate in first-time sex. It can be adult toys, hugs, kisses, or some licking and squeezing. But it is communication that would keep the fire alive on both ends.

Even if you wish to go for anal, or say, a rim job, effective and timely interaction will cut off all indifferences. So, leave behind all worries, take an hour to talk to your partner, set boundaries if possible, and let the pants go off.

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